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benefits and traditions

Yogurt has became a symbol around the World of healthy and nutritious food, unfortunately majority of yogurt products on the U.S. market today are not any better then a candy bar - full of sugar and artificial ingredients! Resemble flavored milk pudding or soft cheese (Greek yogurt). None come close to the taste, texture and health benefits offered by authentic Bulgarian yogurt. And that’s why I created YoBul! Following the traditions I admire all colleagues who have elevated yogurt industry to a great success, take for example many different varieties like:*Icelandic Yogurt * Greek Yogurt * Australian Yogurt...
All the sudden every one started making their own yogurt. In this race of what will become a next new trend many companies forgot what is important and why we eat yogurt on the first place. Most people don't even know what yogurt should taste like and have fallen into the marketing trap of the giants. Non fat, Low in sugar, high in protein!!!


How about yogurt that is traditional Whole Milk, No SUGAR and most important Healthy!

At YoBul we decided to take a different path. We wanted to combine the health benefits of traditional yogurt and new world sensitivities. That lead us to the ideas of exiting flavor and innovative ingredients like Stevia. Our focus is to highlight the importance of the authentic Bulgarian culture - Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

We don't use sugar, fillers or thickeners. 
No starches and no artificial preservatives. In fact our plain yogurt has Only 2 ingredients: Milk and Authentic L.bulgaricus. We make our yogurt using traditional methods (cup-set) fresh whole Jersey milk from local farms and specifically selected strains Lactobacillus bulgaricus and that how we create the best possible combination of smooth, silky texture and balanced refreshing flavor with added health benefits.

When people ask me what our yogurt taste like, I tell them it taste like HOME! "You haven't tasted real yogurt until you try YoBul!" Teddy Ivanov - Founder & CEO