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100% sheep milk yogurt  |  farm fresh Jersey cow’s milk yogurt


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farm fresh Jersey cow’s milk yogurt

100% sheep milk yogurt

Made with whole milk from pasture raised sheep. Naturally, creamy and delicious, rich in calcium and vitamins, high in protein and low in lactic acid what makes it a great alternative for lactose intolerant people. Sheep milk offers superior digestibility to cow's milk, due to a higher proportion of short- and medium-chain fatty acids do not have affect cholesterol levels

YoBul! is an exiting yogurt that has true Bulgarian flavor characteristics like nothing else on the US market today! Our unique flavors creates the best possible combination of smooth silky texture and balanced refreshing taste.

Sweetened with 100% organic 


farm fresh Jersey cow’s milk yogurt

Traditional home style Bulgarian yogurt made locally with 

fresh farm non homogenized whole milk from Jersey cow’s

find YoBul in the stores near you

You can grab YoBul! in the St. Louis area at Global Foods, United Provisions, Lucky’s Market, City Greens Market, Balkan Grocery, Local Harverst Grocery, Nutrition Stop - Health Food Market, Jay International Foods and Fair Share, as well as the farmers’ markets held at Tower Grove Park, Schlafly Bottleworks and the Washington University School of Medicine. In Columbia, MO at HyVee and Clovers Natural Market. In Chicago, IL area at Malincho - Imported European Foods and Serdika Store.

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