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Try YoBul! and fall in love at the drop of a spoon. Un-Bul-ievably delicious!

I grew up in Bulgaria and yogurt was a part of my daily diet. Homemade yogurt remains a tradition in our family, and it’s a passion I brought with me to the United States some 20 years ago. 

I've tried almost every brand yogurt, and none come close to the taste, texture and health benefits offered by natural Bulgarian yogurt.

For me, it all started in 2009 when I took my American family on vacation to Bulgaria. Although, it was a big cultural shock for them I'll always remember my daughter Megan and fiancé Melinda first reaction when they tried homemade yogurt in one of the villages we visit. They were instantly hooked and asked: 
“why can’t we have this yogurt back home in the U.S.?”

This is when it hit me, been a chef and all I can do this. And that’s how the

idea of created YoBul! was born - a pure and authentic yogurt for my family’s well-being. When we got back to US, I started my new project YoBul!

I like to explore traditions, yet deep down I'm Bulgarian, and in pure Bulgarian spirit, I wanted to be different. It took me almost six years of research and development; I faced many challenges along the way, but, I was determined to create a product that I can feed my family and feel good about it.

“My hope is that everyone will try and enjoy YoBul! as much as my family does.” I believe we should never think it was all invented already. We should always try to discover something better, more exciting and healthier. We can't make it all alone, but we can certainly inspire more people to demand a better FUTURE!

Teddy Ivanov,

Founder / CEO

Balkan Treasure LLC - YoBul!